Employer Benefits

As an employer, you have the chance to help employees and their children by reducing their worries about how their children will do in school, which can distract them from job duties.


Keep Your Employees Happy

For employers, providing employee benefits has always been accepted as an essential way of attracting and retaining employees. These benefits will not only retain the employees but will also help you differentiate your business from competitors.

Homework Center

Parents and organizations trust us to provide high-quality education, and empower them to thrive.


Of women leave the workforce site due to needing childcare.


Working remotely during COVID-19 struggled to balance their work and care.


Of employees feel that their productivity will suffer due to balancing work responsibilities and childcare.

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The support we provide to students reduces the pull on the working parents, which allows them to focus on their professional responsibilities while remaining productive even when working remotely.

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Our program has a 96% success rate for our enrolled students and named 2020
Best of Denton County winner for the best tutoring service.