Homework Center

An encouraging supervisor supported environment for students to build successful life long habits.

Overall Work to be Completed

Students and supervisors work collaboratively to identify current, future, and missing work as outlined in the school portal. It will also include a look at the grades and set reasonable expectations..

Time Estimation and Prioritization

After reviewing each assignment, students estimate how long it will take and, create a plan that is most efficient for completion. Work is then prioritized using our methodology, creating a plan that is most efficient for completion.

Tutoring & Strategies

Once the plan for today is complete, the student meet the tutor and gets started on assignments. We help students identify potential barriers and strategies for starting as well as provide subject-matter support across all major subjects.


Coaches assist students in identifying barriers. Throughout the lesson, coaches help students figure out what’s in their way and how to implement certain strategies in order to successfully complete their work.

Upon entering the homework center your student will be greeted by a coach, who will collaboratively assist them in creating their study plan for the day.

A Supportive Environment

Students can stay at the center for upto two hours and finish work with assistance from tutors. The homework center provides the structure, accountability and strategies that students need to get their work done.

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