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Homework in a Cafe offers the following programs

  • Private Online And In-Person Tutoring
  • Tutoring center to provide homework help
  • IEP, 504 help
  • Study skill classes
  • Online coaching

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A great way to start is to know a little more about us, and there is nothing better than viewing this introductory video that explains more about what we have to offer.

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Our Programs

Individualized Tutoring

Individualized Tutoring

The student meets with the tutor in person or online. After each session, you will receive a session report that includes your student’s PLAN as well as comments regarding the challenges they faced and strategies they used to overcome them.


Homework Center

The Homework Center is an encouraging, supervisor-supported environment for students to build successful, life-long habits for planning, managing, and completing their work.

Homework Center
Study Skills Class

Study Skills Class

The Study Skills course provides the foundation for students to “learn how to learn”. In an engaging and experiential format, this course provides strategies to improve how they perform as learners.


Face-to-Face Online Coaching

We assist children in achieving tiny, rapid achievements that develop confidence and effort. As students can achieve their initial goals, we assist them in reflecting on what they did to succeed so they can tackle the next challenge with confidence and independence.

Homework Center

A Place for All Students

Based in an atmosphere where students’ creative juices can start flowing. Kids are able to feel relaxed and positive in an environment with no distracting tasks and where they receive spontaneous input from peers and mentors with no strings attached.

Hi, I’m Manu!

I have over 17 years of experience as and Educator. Founder-owner of Homework in a Cafe, an after-school program in Texas that assists middle and high school students in completing their work and equipping them with lifelong skills.

I’m a proud member of the Master IEP Coach Network and I can’t wait to hel you on your IEP journey!

Homework Center

Homework Center

Connect with Us

In Homework In a Cafe we can provide with all the additional assistance you need. We have specialized coaches in IEP and tutors that will help your child flourish at school and in life.

Scan the QR code to get a free 20-minute online consultation session, we will be happy to help you!

Homework Center

What People Are Saying

HIAC is excellent for students and parents who are looking to get extra help with coaching & tutoring. They are honest and communicate with parents and I recommend them to anyone looking for some extra assistance. Whether your child needs help with a subject or just needs some organizational skills, HIAC is the place to call.Dorothy Mayer,
“We had a great experience with Homework in a Cafe. Manu takes genuine interest in the success of her students. Jai was my son’s tutor and did a fantastic job by preparing specific goals and lessons. Definitely recommend.Paul Fitzgerald,
HIAC does a great job of equipping students with the resources that they need to succeed. What makes HIAC special in my opinion is how they give their students study strategies and organizational techniques that can help them even beyond the time that they spend with their tutors and in their future as learners.Victoria Cheshire,

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