Our Founder – Manu Shahi

Success is getting to your destination of your dreams. Significance is who and what did you bring with you in the journey to reach the destination.

Manu is an experienced educational leader, author, and founder-owner of Homework in a Cafe. Her mission is to assist middle and high school students in completing their work and equipping them with lifelong skills.

A passionate advocate for education and empowerment, Manu is dedicated to helping others achieve their full potential. She serves as an educator, academic life coach, and speaker, empowering students to believe in themselves and develop the confidence to become successful human beings. Manu’s coaching extends to teens, high school and college students, and families who are facing academic and social challenges. She focuses intensively on helping students identify their intrinsic motivation and discover the inner drive to achieve their short-term and long-term goals. Manu has successfully led numerous workshops, discussions, and panels on family, academics, teens, motivation, resilience, and self-image, sharing her expertise and inspiring others.

Manu is also a dedicated champion for women and girls. She is committed to empowering women to overcome work-life challenges and nurturing the leadership potential of middle school girls through the Lean In Girls program. This leadership program helps girls develop self-belief and recognize their leadership potential in a world that often undermines their capabilities. Manu is a proud member of the Master IEP Coach Network, where she contributes her expertise to help families understand IEPs and facilitate effective communication with schools. Her dedication to serving others is evident in her volunteer work with the Make a Wish Foundation, her membership on the Journey to Dream board, and her role as a liaison for schools on the Flower Mound Town Council.

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