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Overcoming the Fear of Academic Failure: Tips for Parents

Failure is an overwhelming experience that is associated with hostile, negative feelings and devastating consequences for many students. Many students who strive for success often feel anxious about failing. Similarly, parents ofRead More…


How SEL Can Help Your Child Thrive in a Complex World

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is the process of developing the skills kids need to manage their emotions, make good decisions, and build positive relationships. These skills are important for success in school, eventuallyRead More…

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The Importance of Really Listening to Your Child

As parents, we all want to do our best to understand our children and their unique personalities. But as they grow and develop, it can be easy to lose track of theirRead More…


How to Boost Flexibile Thinking for Learning Success

“My son can’t handle change.” “My child is too stubborn.” “My daughter can’t see things from other people’s perspectives.” Flexible thinking, adapting to change, and tolerating disappointment are important skills for everyone,Read More…


How to Support Your Child Who Is Struggling in School

It is a fact that many children encounter academic challenges during their schooling years. However, with the right assistance, most of these obstacles can be conquered, and academic success can be achieved.Read More…


Helping middle schoolers navigate academic challenges

As your child transitions into middle school, they may face various challenges worth addressing. It’s worth noting that your child may attempt to distance themselves from you during this period, nevertheless, it’sRead More…

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The Power of Executive Function: How to Help Your Child Succeed in School and Life

Did you know that the brain is like an airport? It needs to manage many planes on multiple runways – hold and use information, concentrate, ignore distractions, and be flexible. These abilitiesRead More…