It’s always great to learn new ways to improve ourselves, isn’t it? Well, did you know that getting some extra help with math can actually bring about some incredible advantages? Discover 5 unexpected benefits you may have overlooked.

    1. Increase self-confidence

      Math tutoring provides students with an overall boost in confidence. When students make mistakes on assignments and tests, they may become hesitant to speak up, ask questions, or participate in class. However, with tutoring, students become more comfortable with the material and realize that with time and effort, they can improve.

      As students improve and excel in math, they develop a growth mindset and become more confident. Overcoming obstacles and seeing their own progress motivates them to become confident in other subjects and areas of life. A study conducted by professors Lazar Stankov, Suzanne Morony, and Lee Yim Ping at the National Institute of Education in Singapore found that students who believe they are skilled in math tend to perform well on math tests (Briggs, S).

    2. Your child will develop positive and effective habits.

      Encouraging your child to establish good study habits can work wonders for their math skills. Not only will they learn how to manage their time better, but they’ll also come to understand the value of hard work and develop the ability to learn independently. These are skills that can help them excel in all areas of life and set them up for success well into the future.

    3. One-on-one interaction

      In a typical math class, there are usually around 20-30 students, which can make it hard for your child to get the help they need. If your child is on the shy side, they might not ask many questions in class. A math tutor can provide a comfortable environment for your child to ask any questions they have and get the answers they need. The tutor will also identify the areas your child needs to work on and create a personalized plan to help them succeed.

    4. Positive changes in relation to school and academics.

      It’s common for students to feel bored with certain academic subjects, especially if they have trouble understanding the material or find it challenging. But if your child can grasp the underlying principles of math instead of just relying on memorization, they may actually start to enjoy the subject and have a more positive mindset towards it. When you truly comprehend concepts, it’s much easier to remember them rather than just trying to memorize information.

    5. Your child’s test scores will see an improvement

      When it comes to a student’s GPA and class placement, test scores play a crucial role. High scores can qualify your child for honors or advanced classes, which can benefit their college application process. To improve test performance, hiring a private math tutor who can work with your child to address their weaknesses sounds like a great plan!

Tutoring can be a great resource for students who need a little extra help catching up. So if your child is struggling or just wants to improve their grades, here at Homework in a Cafe you can find a great place to start! Give us a call!