Channeling confidence can be a tough task. At Homework In A Café, we focus on teaching our youth to stride with confidence. Within many different areas of practice, confidence can be an invaluable tool. Public speaking is one such practice. Giving a student the knowledge behind what needs to be said, the student can then focus on delivering their message to their classmates. This can also help with communicating to one another, as your child ventures through the halls of their school during the day.

Confidence often sharpens down to a single point: trust. The ability to trust in one’s self. This one ability is almost like magic! It is the difference between success and failure, determination and procrastination. It is a spell cast on one’s self to push beyond their limits. It’s also the difference needed to take your child from good to great! Behind confidence, there always needs to be the right guidance.

After school, our mentors will begin to work with your child and teach them the methods to be successful and lead with confidence. These areas will focus on their Executive Functioning strategies, such as organization, time management, self-control, and even emotional control. Building these to a level of adequacy, your child will walk the halls stress-free and with confidence!

If you’re interested in learning more about executive functioning strategies or are interested in enrolling your child, contact us today! We’ll leverage your child’s potential and develop a successful strategy on teaching our youth to stride with confidence.

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