In this blog post, we share the answers to an interview we did with one of our students at Homework in a Cafe. Hensley, a 9th grade student, is receiving tutoring for all subjects. We chose to interview Hensley because she is a hard-working and dedicated student who has made significant progress since we started working with her.

We interviewed Hensley to learn more about her learning process, and her experience at our center. We also asked her to share some advice for other students who might be struggling in school.

Question #1: How has tutoring at our center helped you in your schoolwork?

“My tutor is very helpful in getting my work done. Whenever I need help with a specific topic or assignment, he takes the time to explain it to me in a way that I can understand.”

Question#2: What do you like most about our tutoring center?

“That I can get help with everything I need from school, and thanks to that I’m able to complete all my work.”

Question #3: Would you recommend our tutoring center to other students?

Yes! Because if they are struggling, here they can get help in whatever subject they need.

Question #4: Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience at HIAC?

Just that I like it very much!


At Homework in a Cafe we are fortunate to have had the privilege of witnessing Hensley’s remarkable progress, just as we have with all of our students. We take pride in fostering an environment that encourages growth and development, and Hensley’s achievements are a testament to our dedication. We are committed to continuing our efforts to guide each and every student towards success.

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