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Demystifying the Maze: Executive Function and the ADHD Brain in Teens

Imagine this: you’re a teenager, bombarded by a constant stream of sights, sounds, and thoughts. Everything feels urgent, like juggling ten tasks at once while riding a rollercoaster. This is often theRead More…


Planning for Success: Helping ADHD Teens Conquer School with Planners

For parents and teachers of ADHD kids, the battle against chaos is a constant one. And when it comes to school, organization and time management can feel like insurmountable mountains. Fear not!Read More…


Conquering STAAR: A Parent’s Guide to Helping ALL Kids Ace the Test

The STAAR test is on the horizon, and we want every child to shine! No matter their learning style, with a little prep and the right approach, test day can be aRead More…