With schools opening back up, students that see the importance of routines and are trying to get back into a routine are faced with new challenges.

As a result of the shutdown, many families find themselves in different financial, work, and home situations than they were a year ago.  Things that may have been an easy task a year ago such as transportation to practice may no longer be an easy undertaking.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, students perform better when there are routines in place.  Parents should evaluate their schedules and determine routines for their children for mornings, after school, evenings, bedtime, and even on weekends.  Some tips for successful routines include:

Mornings – Eat a healthy breakfast to fuel learning and get things together the night before.

After school – elementary age to high school-age children should have adult supervision and their plans should include doing homework.

Evenings – have dinner together.

Bedtime – lights out at a certain time and limit screen time.

Weekends – assigned chores and of course, some family fun!

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