“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” As parents, we understand the importance of planting seeds of growth. Often when we take time to reflect there are moments we would like to get back. Unfortunately, time is always moving forward but in a sense, we can get those moments back. After all, as parents, our children are the essence of ourselves. Through them, we can move forward and instill in them the momentum they need to succeed in every facet of their lives. It all starts at school and for some, unfortunately, it ends there. But it doesn’t have to.

Homework in a Café provides more than an after-school service, but an after-school advantage, taking students from a “school” mindset into an “after-school” mindset, seamlessly. With our after-school program, students can learn to utilize their time for homework effectively and even apply the lessons learned to their daily lives. By keeping track of their progress, our mentors will provide students with the knowledge of how to build good relationships with their teachers and classmates, practical organization skills, and even how to improve test scores. All of these assets, along with many others we provide, give students the confidence and focus needed to succeed. We’re providing a momentum of continuous growth that they can take with them now and into the future!

If you’re interested in the after school advantage or would like to inquire about our programs, contact us today! We’d love to partner with you in planting seeds of growth.

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